Nischal Sports Group focuses on sourcing, developing and representing talented and ambitious young players. Our specialist niche hones in on Indian and Indian origin talent

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Through our network of scouts and personnel, we not only look for talented individuals, but most importantly players with a strong mentality to develop as professionals.

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We strive to help players both physically and mentally at an elite level.

  • With all our players we use Premier League level evaluators and testing to analyse their strongest and weakest areas

  • Utilising our in house sports science team, we then work to create a bespoke regime that the player can follow with our guidance

  • Each player develops at different stages and will have different checkpoints at which to reach in order to make sure they are achieving their set goals.



We represent our players in the following:

  • Footballing contracts and transfer fees

  • Non-footballing contracts, including but not limited to sponsorship deals, appearances and other events.